This course is part of the Wigmore Training powered by DHAT.

This specifically structured introductory training course will give you the opportunity to understand in detail the science behind Radiesse®, a unique injectable implant. You will learn how it works as a volumising filler and as a biostimulatory product. There will be ample opportunity to discuss the uses and management of patients with a description of the management of potential complications. Led by experts in the field, this training course will involve no more than 4 delegates per session and will provide you with the required knowledge and practical skills to start offering Radiesse in your clinical aesthetic practice. The theoretical component will be presented on the day and following this, you will be provided with a half day of practical training.

What will this course cover?

  • History, rheology and indications of use of Radiesse
  • Complication avoidance and management
  • Patient assessment and administration
  • Post treatment management
  • Discuss further use of Radiesse

What areas will the training cover?

During the programme you will gain experience injecting the following areas:

  • Recontouring Lower jawline and chin
  • Use of Radiesse for volumising facial areas

Registration for this course is directly through the Wigmore Medical Training website

Wigmore Medical – Introduction to Radiesse