This masterclass is a bespoke and specialised practical session, tailored for you to develop the skills for the safe use of blunt cannula for dermal filler placement. Concepts of cannula design, indications & recommended sizes in relation to anatomical areas are explored. This teaching will introduce and consolidate your skills in treating areas of the face specifically for your practice. This session has a firm emphasis on facial anatomy and you will be required to be proficient in your knowledge of anatomy and injection with needles. (We would recommend you consider attending the Anatomy Training Course).

By the end of this course you will have learnt the necessary skills to use a cannula in an efficient and safe manner. You will also be able to make decisions on when to use a cannula or needle depending upon your specific patient.


  1. Understand differences in use of Needle, Blunt Needle and Cannula
  2. Discuss cannula design
  3. Discuss choice of cannula
  4. Demonstrate use of cannulae in different areas of the face.
  5. Identify the safe layers to inject using a cannula to avoid
  6. Structured supervised practical use of cannula on live model
  7. Extended use of cannula: Layering Blanching