This award winning course combines a series of lectures and interactive workshops focusing on the management of non-surgical complications. These independent and highly specialised teaching sessions are led by multi-award winning tutor Mr Dalvi Humzah and cover the theoretical and practical management of a wide variety of complications seen through toxin, dermal fillers, threads, laser treatments and superficial chemical peels, as well as a practical hyalase workshop.

Mr Dalvi Humzah is an award winning Tutor with a National and International presence in the field of Aesthetics. He has extensive experience in the management and treatment of non-surgical complications. He led a group of experts in developing a consensus guideline for the management of blindness caused by filler injections. This has been peer reviewed and published as an open access paper. This work was awarded the Aesthetics Professional Initiative Award in 2018. During this course updated in this guidelines will be discussed with you. The teaching is independent from any pharmaceutical endorsement.

By the end of this course you will be in a position to develop protocols for your clinical management of non surgical complications. This will allow you to provide safer care to your patients.


  1. What is a complication?
  2. Importance of recognising and managing nonsurgical complications,
  3. What should you do?
  4. Practical demonstration of hyalase
  5. Safe techniques with discussion around a variety of injectable products

Registration for this course is directly through the Wigmore Medical Training website