Provides a bespoke hands-on practical clinical injectable training on the safe and appropriate use of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers in the lower face. These award-winning sessions, led by Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon, Mr Dalvi Humzah, explore intermediate and advanced techniques with needle and cannula approaches, with a firm emphasis on facial analysis and topographic anatomy. Techniques to reduce complications and use of appropriate products will be discussed and demonstrated. This course is designed to facilitate the transition for you to develop intermediate and advanced levels of practice in the lower face. You will benefit from a structured and detailed approach from Mr Dalvi Humzah, exploring concepts of facial anatomy as well as his expert knowledge and experience of a wealth of products and multi-modal treatment options. Learning is facilitated through demonstration and practical approaches with close supervision and support from the faculty.


  1. An appreciation of the topographical anatomy of the lower face, in relation to toxin and dermal filler treatment strategies
  2. Gain insight into the age-related changes of the lower face and develop an advanced awareness of the injectable techniques to correct these areas
  3. An advanced awareness of facial analysis in order to formulate appropriate strategies to correct the age-related changes of the lower face, safely and effectively

Anatomical areas to be covered:

  1. Malar cheek
  2. Nasolabial area including deep medial fat pad injection MD-Lift™
  3. Cheek – Vector, and buccal fat pad, Micro-Toxin
  4. Peri oral and Lips
  5. Marionette and Pre-jowl
  6. Jawline – Hammock Lift® / Mid & Lower Ligament Lift™
  7. Neck-To include Nefertiti and Necklace Lines

Registration for this course is directly through the Wigmore Medical Training website