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Intermediate & Advanced Injectable Training

Eligibility: Medical practitioners with active registration to the following professional bodies: GMC, NMC & GDC.

Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training provides bespoke clinical injectable training on the safe and appropriate use of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. These award-winning sessions, led by Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon, Mr Dalvi Humzah, explore intermediate and advanced techniques with needle and cannula approaches, with a firm emphasis on facial analysis and topographic anatomy, and take place at Wigmore Medical in London. The injectable teaching has 8 CPD points awarded from The Royal College of Physicians. This course is designed to facilitate the transition for participants to develop intermediate and advanced levels of practice.

A maximum of 4 clinicians are permitted to each session who benefit from a structured and detailed approach from Mr Dalvi Humzah, exploring concepts of facial anatomy as well as his expert knowledge and experience of a wealth of products and treatment options. Learning is facilitated through demonstration and practical approaches with close supervision and support from faculty.

You will be expected to be confident in using cannula and needle approaches to the face. Participants will benefit from specific training in the use of cannulas by attending a specific cannula training course. 

Cannula Training

Our full day intermediate & advanced masterclass is a bespoke and specialised practical session, tailored to the safe use of blunt cannula for dermal filler placement. Concepts of cannula design, indications & recommended sizes in relation to anatomical areas are explored. This teaching will explore techniques to treat the tear trough, temple, deep medial cheek fat pad, forehead recontouring & lateral brow and the dorsum of the hand. This session has a firm emphasis on facial anatomy and participants will be required to be proficient in their knowledge of anatomy and injection with needles.


Fee: £975

Highlights Cannula Training Video:

Session 1 Upper face:

Anatomical areas to be covered:

Forehead Toxin & Filler Includes the blanching technique and Upper Ligament Lift™️
Glabellar & Brow with Toxin & Filler
Periorbital – Toxin
Tear trough

Fee: £1,600

Session 2  Mid & Lower face:

Anatomical areas to be covered:

Malar cheek
Nasolabial area including deep medial fat pad injection MD-Lift™️
Cheek – Vector, and buccal fat pad
Peri oral and Lips
Marrionette and Pre-jowl
Jawline - Hammock Lift®️  / Mid & Lower Ligament Lift™️
Neck-To include Nefertiti

Fee: £1,600