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Advanced Facial Anatomy Teaching

Course Date: 18 November 2019


Dissecting Room
Anatomy Department
2nd Floor, Hodgkin Building
Kings College London
Guys Campus

Course Price: 1850

Course Description:

This is a highly specialized, face and neck anatomy teaching, led by qualified anatomist and Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah. You will explore in detail the upper face (including the tear trough and peri-ocular anatomy), mid-face, nose, lower face and neck. You will have the opportunity to explore outcomes of different techniques in a hands-on inject and dissect practical session. Unembalmed tissue is used to expose each anatomical area and Mr Humzah will discuss technical considerations when treating using non-surgical devices; (blunt cannulae, needle & injectate) in relation to the anatomy. Adequate time is permitted during and after the session to allow for discussion as this is an interactive, hands-on session.

Finance options are available on this course, contact us for further details.